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Accessibility Statement

The Leeds Care Record aim to ensure that as many visitors to our website have a positive experience when navigating through our content. We are working hard to improve our website accessibility standards so that everyone has a positive digital experience when viewing our online information.

Our accessibility statement for does not apply to other websites affiliated with our partners whom should feature their own accessibility statements. We aim to achieve the governments recommended standards for web accessibility as set out in WCAG 2.1 AA, however may not be able to comply with every standard. 

Should you have a disability, the website AbilityNet has advice on making your device easier to use. If you are a user with accessible needs, using this site you should be able to do the following:

  • Browser zoom to 150%+ to maximise the text size, with the site content adjusted accordingly.
  • Navigate the majority of the site using your keyboard (including using our online forms)
  • Use your speech recognition software to navigate most of the site (language dependent).
  • Use a screen reader to listen to most of the site content. Our content has also been put together to try and make reading as easy to understand as is possible.
  • Watch our videos with closed captions (however some screen readers may have problems reading our content from embedded videos).

Things you may experience that may not be fully accessibly compliant:

We know some parts of this website may not be fully accessible. We try our hardest to consider our content we offer meets the latest accessibility standards, however we understand we could always improve things further. Some areas you may notice these issues include:

  • Some screen reader software tools will not read content featured on PDF or Word documents.
  • Some images may not feature detailed alternative descriptions of the images shown, and some may be missing some at all however this is something which we are reviewing.
  • The colour contrast on some page content may be insufficient for all users accessibility needs.
  • The text height or spacing of text cannot be modified by the user (unless you have the tools to do this, however we have not been able to test this).
  • This website uses a wordpress template that is not bespoke for our needs which may limit certain accessibility standards from being fully compliant.

As there are a number of tools available to meet the various accessible needs of web users, this website may not work perfectly for everyone. If there is something which you would like us to work harder at, feel free to drop us a line here:

Further help on accessibility

For more information on making the web easier to use, please visit the BBC’s accessibility website¬†My Web My Way, which includes guides showing how you can change your browser, computer, keyboard and mouse settings to make the web more accessible for you.

There are also controls in your web browser which will modify the text size. Most browsers allow you to resize text or change the magnification by holding down CTRL and + to increase size and CTRL and – to decrease size. CTRL and 0 resets the size back to normal. Mac users should replace CTRL with the Command key.

Problems using our website?

Finally, if you are having difficulty using our website, please contact us giving as much information as possible about the nature of the problem.

Last updated: 26/08/2020

Content drafted: 21/05/2020