Leeds Care Record

Leeds Care Record will provide health and social care professionals directly involved in your care access to the most up to date information about you. It does this by sharing appropriate information from your medical and care records between health and social care services in Leeds.

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How does it work?

In Leeds, we have developed a virtual system called the Leeds Care Record. If you live in Leeds you will have a Leeds Care Record created for you. It will be held on a secure computer system and will include some key health and social care information about you. The information is taken from other medical records you may have such as your GP record, hospital records or social care records.

Care professionals

"The rolling out of Leeds Care Record is an exciting time for health and social care professionals across the city. As a GP it will be so helpful to see up to date and complete health records from across all the organisations that are dealing with patients in your care. It will allow for a more joined up approach with the ultimate aim of providing an even better service. "

Dr Jason Broch,
GP - Oakwood Lane Medical Practice

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