What are people saying?

What are people saying about the Leeds Care Record?

Dr Yen Andersen
GP Partner, Oakwood Lane Medical Practice

Leeds Care Record brilliantly opens up an effective communication path at the simple touch of a button.

As a busy GP, I no longer need to rely on a busy GP receptionist, a hospital secretary or a ward clerk to answer the phone, and to then tell my story and what information I am searching for.

It is great to get the information straightaway.

Dr Jason Broch
GP - Oakwood Lane Medical Practice

The continuing roll out and expansion of the Leeds Care Record is an exciting time for health and social care professionals across the city.

As a GP it is so helpful to see up to date and complete health records from across all the organisations that are dealing with patients in your care.

Tim Denman
Emergency Medicine Pharmacist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

The introduction of Summary Care Record was a great improvement in helping us. The Leeds Care Record builds on this and provides many additional benefits, so much so that our processes have been updated to maximise the benefits of an integrated care record. Pharmacy staff work much more efficiently and more patients are able to benefit from the input of the Pharmacy team.

Caroline Senior
Clinical Lead Cardiac Service

Leeds Care Record is the most useful thing to happen in the NHS in the last 10 years.

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Julie Summerscale
District Nurse, Yeadon

Leeds Care Record gives us a holistic picture of our complex patients, enabling us to follow their journey across care settings.

Megan Humphreys
Care Coordinator, Yeadon

Leeds Care Record is our bible, it’s so useful and I use it every working day.

Liam Sanders
Lead Nurse, Leeds Community Healthcare

Leeds Care Record has really sped up the assessment process of my patients.

The Adult Social Care information for my patient has been a really useful improvement!

It allows me to easily see who is involved in my patients care.

Christine Cannon
GP Receptionist, South Queen Medical Centre

I have been introduced to this system today for the first time and I have to say after a good look around, I am quite impressed, particularly being able to view clinic letters, results, inpatients and discharges. Thank you.

Dr Adrian Rees
GP Partner, Yeadon Tarn Medical Practice

I have found Leeds Care Record an invaluable aid to my clinical practice. It gives me a window into the hospital. I can see when my patients have appointments, which of my patients are in hospital and allows me to view letters and results that may have not yet arrived at the practice.

Julie Bootle
Head of Service, Adult Social Care

I’ve been using IT solutions for 20+ years and Leeds Care Record is the best solution I’ve ever worked with for joining up care settings.

Dr Sonia Roy
Consultant Psychiatrist, South Community Mental Health Team

It’s really helpful to have the name and telephone number of my patients involved social worker; this is definitely a good development.

Sara Bowers
Medicines Optimisation Pharmacist, CCG S&E

Having Leeds Care Record access has made a huge difference to our patient medication review process as it allows us to tie everything together much more quickly.

Emma Harper
Clinical Care Coordinator, CCG West

I've found Leeds Care Record so helpful in the role I do. It saves me hours of man time chasing up if my patients have referrals, who their social worker is, if they have an allocated one and where they are based.

Dr Chris Mills
GP, Rawdon Surgery

Leeds Care Record is about making the information available via a different format and changing the old paper methods which are unsecure.

The less time spent messing around looking for information the more care we can give.

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Dr Paul Maddy
GP Partner, Hillfoot Surgery

Leeds Care Record is a very valuable tool which helps support seamless care to our patients across the City.

Understanding how Adult Social Care is supporting one of our patients will help us to provide more effective care.

Ciara O'Grady
Assistant Practice Manager, Gibson Lane Practice

Leeds Care Record has sped up the processes of getting information from the hospital.

I can find patients easily who have been admitted and view their expected discharge dates.

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Dr Nick Venters
Consultant Psychiatrist & Chief Clinical Information Officer

I can view if my patient has any known problems or existing medications that could effect their new medication I prescribe. Compared to traditional methods such as telephoning the GP or the telephoning of the lab this is a much more effective use of time.

Dr Channi Singh
GP, Highfield Medical Centre

Ever since I have logged onto Leeds Care Record, it’s been a fantastic experience. From checking the status of a patient, looking at relevant investigations and also using the virtual ward view to locate my patients in hospital.

Maria Jimoh
Discharge Coordinator, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

The patient Adult Social Care information is fantastic, I love that I no longer have to track down the relevant team to see if a patient has an active Social Worker or any care services.

Dr Mike Stockton
Clinical Lead, St Gemmas Hospice

We now have access to hospital data, digital images and electronic prescribing info.

We can upload discharge summaries and there’s more to come.

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Alexandra Stevens
Hospital Social Worker

It saves me valuable time chasing information from the ward so I can spend more time with the patient discussing their needs and planning their safe discharge from hospital.

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Jill Crampton
ICAN Community Nursing

Having the access to Leeds Care Record is going to be brilliant for us.