Leeds Care Record for national Health Service Journal Awards

Leeds Care Record is a finalist within the Enhancing Care by Sharing Data and Information category, recognising initiatives where data sharing has made a real difference to patient care – improving outcomes, experience and supporting patients to look after themselves better – while at the same time delivering .

HSJ celebrates excellence and innovation through its awards, finalists will be announced at an event on Wednesday 18 November.

Alastair Cartwright, director of informatics for the three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups in Leeds commented, “We are thrilled with the news that Leeds Care Record that sits within the Leeds Informatics Board has been shortlisted for the national HSJ awards. Leeds Care Record works collaboratively across the city and use information to help improve the care patients receive within Leeds.  Leeds Care Record provides care professionals directly involved in a patient’s care access to the most up-to-date information.”

The Leeds Care Record is a web based solution which enables care professionals to view real time data across care providers and between different systems. It is a collaboration across the three NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups, Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust, Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation, Leeds Community Healthcare and Leeds City Council and is part of the integrated health and social care programme in Leeds.  Building towards the recent national target of an integrated digital care record.

The technology used to build Leeds Care Record was a further development from the well-established Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust’s PPM+, a trust-wide electronic patient record.  The Trust links and integrates all electronic clinical data into a single integrated system called PPM+.   From the outset, Leeds Care Record has engaged with patients, stakeholders and service users to ensure they are at the heart of the project.