Leeds Care Record shares Adult Social Care information to improve seamless care

Leeds Care Record shares Adult Social Care information to improve seamless care

Leeds Care Record has moved another step closer to a fully integrated digital care record for the City.  Certain aspects of an adult’s social care information will be shared to help improve the quality of care provided in Leeds. 

There are over 300 clinical computer systems in Leeds. They all hold clinical information about patients who have used services provided by their GP, at a local hospital, community healthcare, social services or mental health teams. Each record may hold slightly different information. Leeds Care Record brings together certain important information from all of these systems so that health information held about a patient can be viewed in one place.

Dr Paul Maddy, GP, Hillfoot Surgery said, “Leeds Care Record is a very valuable tool which helps support seamless care to our patients across the City.  Understanding how Adult Social Care is supporting one of our patients will help us to provide more effective care.”

Leeds Care Record holds certain information about a patient or service user, for example:

  • Address and telephone numbers – so we have one set of contact details for you
  • A list of diagnosed conditions – to make sure your health or social care professional have an accurate and complete record of your care
  • Medication – so everyone treating you can see what medicines you’ve currently been prescribed​
  • Allergies – to make sure you aren’t prescribed or given any medicines you could have an adverse reaction to
  • Test results – to speed up your treatment and care
  • Referrals, clinic letters and discharge information – to make sure the people caring for you have all the information they need about other treatment you’re having elsewhere
  • Council involvement  – care plans, contact details

Leeds Care Record is a web based solution which enables care professionals to view real time health and care information across care providers and between different systems.  It is a secure computer system that keeps all health records strictly confidential and can only be accessed by care professionals who are directly involved in a patient’s care.

Organisations that deliver health and social care in Leeds are working together to improve services in the community and Leeds Care Record is helping them to deliver a joined up service.  Leeds Care Record is used by all 105 GP practices in Leeds, Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust, Leeds York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, Leeds City Council, Leeds Community Healthcare including their integrated neighbourhood teams.  Care professionals in these organisations have been using Leeds Care Record to help provide better and more joined up care to the patients they are directly involved with.  By accessing up-to-date and accurate information it has improved efficiency.  It has also helped to avoid unnecessary or duplicate tests and procedures, and reduce paperwork for doctors, nurses and other staff, giving them more time to spend on patient and service user care.​

Notes to editors

  1. The Leeds Informatics Board, a group of senior managers and clinicians from across health and social care organisations in Leeds, commissions the delivery of the Leeds Care Record.
  2. Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust is leading the development and rollout of the Leeds Care Record. This secure, web-based application is powered by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust ppm+ platform.
  3. For media enquiries about Leeds Care Record, please contact leeds.carerecord@nhs.net  Tel: 0113 20 60293.