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Leeds Care Record is the connecting bridge that the Leeds Hospices and Community Specialist Palliative Care have been dreaming of. We now have access to hospital data, digital images and electronic prescribing info. We can upload discharge summaries and there’s more to come. Patient benefit is significant. Amazing now; even better View Full →

Leeds Care Record brilliantly opens up an effective communication path at the simple touch of a button. As a busy GP, I no longer need to rely on a busy GP receptionist, a hospital secretary or a ward clerk to answer the phone, and to then tell my story and View Full →

As a Hospital Social Worker, the Leeds Care Record helps me to plan my social work interventions in a timely and appropriate manner. It helps me obtain an up to date medical snapshot and gain a holistic understanding of the patients’ health journey so far. It saves me valuable time View Full →

The rolling out of Leeds Care Record is an exciting time for health and social care professionals across the city. As a GP it will be so helpful to see up to date and complete health records from across all the organisations that are dealing with patients in your care. View Full →