Margaret’s story

Sharing patient information

Margaret is a patient at Rawdon Surgery, but spends a lot of her retirement living between Leeds and Florida, visiting family and friends. Married with three children, her husband and her own career with the Home Office have taken them around the world, and she has experienced many different types of healthcare systems. Here are her thoughts on the Leeds Care Record

“I recently had to have surgery at St James’s Hospital and during one of my follow up appointments one of the hospital departments contacted me on my mobile phone. When I went to the reception desk of a different department they asked me for my mobile number and I obviously told them they must already have it because someone else from the hospital had just rung me. The receptionist answered that she didn’t have my number but “they must have it upstairs”. For patients it would be so much easier if we only had to tell somebody our information once and not over and over again which wastes time and can mean inconsistency in records across the system.

My GP practice has signed up to the Leeds Care Record and I hope that the system will allow doctors dealing with my care to be as efficient as they are in other countries. In other places where I have lived test results are readily available and healthcare professionals are up to date with my health records, allowing for quicker diagnosis and care to be arranged.”