Introducing the new Leeds Care Record Training Portal (Staff information)

This month we are launching a new Leeds Care Record Training platform where staff can login, complete training as a new member as well as retake training to refresh themselves on how to use this valuable system.

Training has been split into smaller ‘bitesize modules’ so staff can complete each section whenever is convenient for them and pick up where they left off when they next log back in.

Look out for your email invite landing in your mailbox soon! Once you accept the invite, you can follow these steps below.

How to access the Leeds Care Record Training Portal:

  1. Head over to: (once you have accepted your email invitation)
  2. Login with your usual email details (or your username and password if a non user)
  3. Take a look at the resources available and retake any training whenever is convenient for you – you can even view and download a certificate as evidence of your continued professional development.

We hope that staff find the resources on the Leeds Care Record Training Portal of use, that they support staff in using this system and that it helps to accelerate improvements across our city.

Got questions or need help?

You can contact the team directly via [email protected] who will be happy to help answer any questions on either the Leeds Care Record Training Portal or the Leeds Care Record system itself.

Best regards

The Leeds Care Record Project Team
[email protected]