Good ideas log: development pipeline

Below is a summary of the current developments and good ideas log for the Leeds Care Record. These items have been raised as areas that could be developed further and are in the scope for the future development of the system.

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Summary of work request / new functionalityItem refStatus
Ability to send referrals from LTHT to non-LTHT, e.g. community stroke or hospiceBacklog
Give users ability to customise their LCR home page using a dashboard style viewBacklog
Share patient information with urgent treatment centresLCR-9Backlog
Consume Learning Disability Information from partner organisationsLCR-10Backlog
Getting patient’s end of Life preferences from the GPLCR-12Backlog
Display information from the Continuing Care System in LCR so that clinicians can see progress of assessments for ongoing funding for the patients careLCR-16Backlog
Display more useful information from Adult Social CareLCR-17Backlog
Display information from the A&E systems so that users can view attendance detailsLCR-18Backlog
Digitise ‘Fit note’ and associated tasksLCR-19Backlog
Admission/ Discharge summary viewsLCR-21Backlog
GP to hospital contactLCR-22Backlog
Community write accessLCR-23Backlog
Display reason for not being able to access patient recordLCR-24Backlog
Show specialty and department on future appointmentsLCR-25Backlog
Give Children’s Social Care Front Door Team access to LCRLCR-26Backlog
Service Status page viewable for usersLCR-27Backlog
Display reason for not being able to access a patient record (e.g the patient has moved out of Leeds or no longer has a Leeds GP)LCR-29Backlog
Ability to save draftsLCR-30Backlog
Digitise Child in Need PlanBacklog
Include details of PIP/Personal health budgets in LCRBacklog
Give access to Mental Health LettersLCR-33Backlog
Have access to the advanced search optionBacklog
Display an alert when the patient has an active ‘ReSPECT’ form recorded in the GP systemLCR-36Backlog
Display a ‘closed referral’ text for hospicesLCR-37Backlog
Make navigating each organisation’s data easier for usersLCR-38Backlog
Fast Track Referral Form and Associated TaskBacklog
Show clinician specialty on appointmentsLCR-40Backlog
Show more mental health dataLCR-41Backlog
Alerting from PPM+ to LYPFT (Care Director)LCR-42Backlog
Printing medications from LCRLCR-43Backlog
Show prescriber on GP medicationsLCR-44Backlog
Share information from LCH District Nurses about Insulin regimesLCR-45Backlog
Show care provider and carer details on community tabLCR-46Backlog
Visibility of waiting times for clinicsLCR-47Backlog
Get children’s mental health dataLCR-49Backlog
Get Hannah House DataBacklog
Share paediatrics assessmentsLCR-51Backlog
More data from Children’s Social CareLCR-52Backlog
Show presence of child protection medical assessmentLCR-53Backlog
Link to maternity system (K2)LCR-54Backlog
Improve password resets for smart card userLCR-55Backlog
See planned future tests such as scansLCR-56Backlog
Ability to view other organisation’s data whilst writing in documentsLCR-57Backlog
Get more information from GP’s i.e BMI, smoking and alcohol statusLCR-58Backlog
Access to A&E records (Symphony)LCR-59Backlog
Show results of genetics testingLCR-60Backlog
Share community palliative care and further hospice informationLCR-61Backlog
Ability to access LCR on mobileLCR-62Backlog
Add new GP -special allocations schemeIn Progress